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The Creekview has been a Village of Williamsville favorite for decades. Situated on the banks of Ellicott Creek in an old historic house, the Creekview has been home to many hospitality venues over the past 100 years. The land on which the restaurant sits today was the first homesite built in Amherst, NY in 1799 and was home to the Evans Family. Later, this establishment became the headquarters of General Winfield Scott during the War of 1812. During this time what is now known as Main Street was then called the “Great Iroquois Trail”.


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In the early part of the Twentieth Century this building housed a butcher shop and then later became a brothel called the St. Charles Hotel. It was in the 1940’s when it finally became a tavern called Romans which lasted until 1954. At this time the establishment was purchased by Len and Ann Henning and the name of the tavern was changed to The Sportmen’s Lodge.

In 1971, the name changed again after Bill and Esther Lombardo purchased the tavern and turned it into a fine dining restaurant known as Creekside. The menu expanded with many new specialties and homemade desserts which can still be found today. In 1981, the Creekside came under new ownership and the name was changed to the Creekview. Lou and Janet Galanter owned the Creekview until 1996 at which time it was bought by David Schutte. David and his family continue to own and operate the Creekview today.

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